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about johnna

My earliest years were spent helping my parents renovate and build custom homes to sell.

It was truly a family endeavour, each of us pitching in however we could with anticipation accumulating for the final reveal. It truly is no surprise I chose to become a Realtor, after all I was raised by one. This exposure provided me with a valuable inside look within the real estate industry, I fell in love with it. This deep-rooted passion for the industry is present when guiding each of my clients through the process of buying and selling real estate.

I decided to pursue my degree in commerce based on my interest in business and entrepreneurial adventures of owning small businesses. While completing my degree which specialized in entrepreneurial management and finance, I was establishing, transforming and growing small businesses for profit. I learned through formal education and first-hand experience how to implement strategy and successfully negotiate. This education and experience provides my clients value and assurance when it comes to the largest investment of their lives.

Outside of real estate my passions are found in art and music. I have been creating through painting, making music and exploring numerous other creative disciplines my entire life. “We believe in the power of art to transform the places and the lives we live.” This line is what made me choose to volunteer with Contemporary Calgary, an organization dedicated to making Calgary a global city of choice through building a destination dedicated to contemporary and modern art.

Throughout each avenue I have pursued professionally; the common thread that led me to become a realtor is my passion for service. My experiences in business development, marketing, arts, negotiation and never ending pursuit of learning and higher education is the foundation in which enables me to continually better my ability to meet my client needs and goals. My unique educational and entrepreneurial background gives me the ability to see far beyond the basic needs of clients when buying and selling real estate.

I offer more than just buying and selling homes, alongside my clients – I assist in developing a strategically sound plan to ensure they realize their best financial future.