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Buying simplified.

Buying real estate can be exciting, but the decision always comes after serious consideration. There are many motives behind this decision; from needing a larger home for a growing family to buying for investment purposes, it is a huge financial decision that should not be taken lightly. I take this to heart, and am fully dedicated to securing a successful purchase for each of my clients. This quick run through will give you a good idea of what to expect during the buying process.

Step.1: Choose your realtor…

The next step is deciding who you would like to guide you through the purchasing process and entering into an Exclusive Buyer Brokerage agreement. As one of my buyers you will receive my custom home buyers guide. This working portfolio contains all the relevant information for your home search including properties that have been seen along with a checklist of likes and dislikes. This helps to organize your likes and dislikes of each property in order to narrow down your search while better understanding pricing and value trends of the areas you are looking in. This is one aspect of the service I provide Buyers, whether it’s your first property, or your fourth.

Step 2: Obtain Financing Pre Approval

I always recommend seeking out Pre-Approval before you even begin the looking process for your next home. This way you know exactly where you stand financially and what those limitations are. This saves disappointment down the line if you fall in love with a property and financing doesn’t go through. Through my professional network I can recommend mortgage brokers or specialists that will best fit your needs.

3. Determine Your Budget

Through the process of obtaining mortgage pre-approval you will learn your price point limitations. My budget calculator will help in estimating additional monthly costs associated with home ownership, so you can make an informed decision on price point comfort.

4. Identify Needs

This is when we sit down and discuss what your needs are from your next home. What are your must haves? What could you compromise on? Creating well-defined criteria to compare properties against will reduce buyer fatigue and confusion. Through having a deeper understanding of your needs I am better able to vet properties that may interest you, saving your time and energy.

5. Determine Communities

We are so fortunate to live in such a large vibrant city; the 198 communities that Calgary consists of each have their own unique set of attributes. Considerations like daily commuting, school districts, proximity to friends and family are just a few that help refine the communities that best suit your lifestyle now and in the future.

6. Listing Subscription

Armed with all the above information I set you up on a personalized auto email program that sends you relevant properties as they hit the market. Additionally, I have exposure to many properties before they even hit the market, giving you an exclusive first look.

7. Shortlist

Unfortunately you can’t view them all. With your criteria in mind narrow down your selections to view to 4-6 properties. I recommend viewing a maximum of 4 properties at a time, any more and it can become unnecessarily overwhelming and exhausting.

8. View Homes

With your buyers guide in hand we begin the exciting process of viewing homes. Come prepared with slip on shoes (weather permitting), a bottle of water and some snacks just in case. This process can be tiring, especially for smaller children so you may want to consider child care options during your showings.

9. Narrow In

On average buyers view 10-12 properties before selecting one to write an offer on. Through utilizing your working portfolio you will be able to streamline this process and narrow down your selections for second viewings. After which we will evaluate and determine the appropriate property to write an offer on.

10. Write an Offer

Knowing the market is key to buying a home for a fair price. In my comparative market analysis I pull recent sales, expired, terminated and even active listings in the area for price comparison. This information is used to determine an offer amount that is then put to paper and sent to the seller’s representative as an offer to purchase.

11. Negotiate a Deal

With any offer, the seller has the option to accept, counter or reject. My experience and education in negotiation will stream line this process and help you settle on terms both parties can agree on.

12. Conditions

Once the offer is accepting conditions of the contract now need to be met. Common conditions are Financing, Home Inspection and Condo Document review if applicable. Give your self 10 days to meet these conditions. Deals can fall through because conditions were not met, this is one of the reasons why I recommend mortgage pre approval prior to beginning your home search as it can save potential heartache of losing out on a property if the financing condition cannot met in time.

13. Closing

This is the day you get the keys to your new home! For many it is also moving day, I have a network of professionals including movers that I can confidently recommend for the big day.