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Seller Agency

With all the information, marketing and advertising services available online, many consider selling their own property. Considering our current economy in Calgary, wanting to save money on agent commissions makes sense. Sometimes that money can be saved, often times it ends up costing more than an agent in the first place.

Education and Experience

It’s my job to know everything about real estate, so you don’t have to. If I don’t know the answer, you can be sure I’ll find it out. Selling your home is a large financial transaction, why wouldn’t you hire someone with more relevant education and experience to? There aren’t enough hours in the day as is, save yourself precious time by hiring a professional.

How Annoying

Once your house is listed you will have to deal with phone calls, emails, text messages from realtors, builders and unrepresented prospective buyers. Scheduling appointments, rescheduling appointments, no shows, showing up with out an appointment it all gets awfully tiring. Filtering prospective buyers is a whole other beast, never mind following up for feedback and maintaining communication with interested parties.

Market Conditions

As your Realtor I can disclose pertinent market conditions; which will govern how your home is sold. Data like average sale price per square foot of similar homes, average days on market, average sale prices and list to sold price ratios to name a few will determine your next best steps.

Benefits of the Network

I have cultivated a network of preferred professionals that provide services related to selling your home from an electrician to lawyer all proven to be efficient, competent and competitively priced. Additionally as an active agent in Calgary I continuously connect with other agents to promote listings and gain deeper market insights.

Price Guidance

Guess what, agents don’t select the price for sellers or buyers. I provide guidance and information to my sellers so they can make the right choice for them. All I ask is for my sellers to actually overview all the information provided and then make a pricing choice. I determine a negotiation strategy from there that is dependent on market conditions. At the end of the day, the percentage I have vested in the sale is a sliver of my clients vested interest.

Negotiating is Tough

At a restaurant, how bad does the food need to be for you to actually speak up and complain? It can be tough to voice our concerns over a $20 salad, never mind a few hundred thousand or more home. It can be hard to communicate your interests, not everyone has the stomach for expressing their stance when negotiations get hard. As your agent I speak for you and represent your best interests during tough transactions and prevent things from getting too emotional. I am not just a messenger between you and a prospective buyer, I have been trained to present your case in the best light and agree to hold client information confidential from competing interests.

Oh, and Contracts

Contracts are not to be taken lightly. They are often confusing and full of legal jargon that may not be in your daily vocabulary. Good news is that they are for me; I deal with them on a regular basis and can help translate them to ensure your full understanding. Contracts also include conditions; I am able to guide you through the proper use of them to ensure a successful transaction, and to protect your best interests.

Hi Paperwork

Yes there is paperwork abound when it comes to selling your home. Federal, provincial and local contract requirements to even list or sell your home can pile up a couple inches thick. Make one seemingly small mistake or omission and you will likely be visiting a court room or costing you thousands. Making a move is stressful enough, save yourself additional worries.

Your Assurance of Fair Play

As a licensed realtor I am legally obligated to work in your best interests; my responsibilities to you include: undivided loyalty, confidentiality, full disclosure, obedience (within the law), reasonable care and skill, and full accounting. So I am bound by law to act in your best interest.

Referral Based Business

Referrals are the foundation of my business. In order to have continued success in my career the top priority is client happiness and satisfaction so when it comes time to move again my number is the one you choose to call.

Selling your home is a significant undertaking. You don’t and shouldn’t have to do it alone. It is my job as your agent to make the whole process look and feel effortless. I keep the transaction as seamless as possible, keeping the optics cool, calm and in control. All the while in the background there are many moving pieces that often times do not come together so smoothly. If you are considering selling let’s arrange a time to chat and discuss what your next best steps could be.